Tuesday, July 28, 2009

OCD much???

First of all, two posts in one day! I know, right?

OK, so the title-OCD much-I was thinking today how much time I waste doing this, and I thought I would share. See, I've always been OCD-not like the real kind where you touch doorknobs and turn three times before leaving a room and shizzle, but like Overly Clean Disorder. So, with this kid due any SECOND now, I am in FULL ON nesting/OCD mode. Every day if when I leave the house, I have to do the following things, JUST IN CASE I go into labor while I am out and about:

-Make bed

-Drain/wipe off and put away air humidifier

-Clean up bathroom after getting ready

-Clean up closet (pick up hubs dirty clothes, etc)

-Dry dust with a sock (every friggin day-stop!)

-Organize nightstands

Go downstairs and:

-Make sure breakfast dishes are in dishwasher

-Reorganize pantry and refrigerator

-Fluff pillows and fold blankets around couches and chairs

-Clorox wipe all counters

-Dustbuster giant hairballs off floor (although since this is a daily occurrence, there are never giant dustballs, just large ones)

-Contemplate vacuuming/sweeping, then decide I don't give that much of a crap

Now, this is all for when the "visitors" (read-parental units-both sets) get here and take over the house. Heaven forbid if they think the house if unclean. Today I even left a NOTE on the fridge for them on where to find things like extra water, cokes, dog leashes, and paper towels. Seriously, I need to GIVE BIRTH so that this crap isn't important.

But, at least when I come home, it will all be nice, just like I left it. (Hint, Hint Parentals).

Oh, and the best part-I forget my hospital bag EVERY DAY. Yeah, so we'll have a clean house and no crap for the hospital. Awesome!


  1. Hopefully the "other" parentals will read this. You do remember that your mom isn't OCD at all!!!!!!!!!! I have ACD and LD - that would be anti-clean-disorder and LAZY disorder!

  2. The other parentals haven't seen the blog yet-

  3. That is hilarious. YOu do love to clean! We shall keep care of your crib!


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