Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well, what do you know?

I'm still pregnant. Ha! I thought the title may spark some interest. Anyway, nothing much is happening in that neighborhood-although I thought I may laugh her out last night! We had a blast with our friends! Every time we do something fun now, we'll go, "Awww, this is our last free _______." Well, come on baby, I'm tired of free time with hubs (no offense hubs, I just want her out.) We had some awesome food last night-Jason made a butt and ribs-dang, dog! We had mom's mac and cheese, brother in law coleslaw, and LeaAnna brought her cheese ring app and a peach tart for dessert! My blood sugar was in the 200's just looking at all the food. So, we were able to provide the Goodwin's with lots of adult interaction-we are so mature and old, it is scary. Some excerpts of our convo last night:
"Do it, take the dog's blood."
"OMG-let's get married again so we can have a wedding party dance like that."
"I'm having a cooler every night full of beer and pepsi because it's so cold and awesome."

Yeah, that's how we roll.

Two of my good friends had their babies last week-we were two weeks apart-it is so cool hearing from them now-one of them said she would have 100's of kids because it was so easy and she loved her epidural! I don't know about all that-but I'm down with pain management. :D

So, these two faces have been all up in my face ALL weekend-do you think they know that something is up??
LOVE the eye cutting he is doing here.
The hound dog doesn't care if I am loving on him or if hubs is, he just requires petting and food scraps to survive. He does have an ear infection (ahem-not an OCD problem hubs) and now we get to squirt junk down his ear once a day-in a 103.4 pound bloodhound's ear-fun.)
Even though Bart looks like an anteater angel above, he is so my presh second born dogchild of love (as LG would say). He may go into a coma when he is not attached to my hip anymore.

So, I'm still waiting on tips of things I can do to get the baby to get "up in it." I dusted the whole downstairs yesterday and vacuumed! I bounced around on my "birthing ball." No hand came out. I ate and drank (punch) like it was going out of style-I laughed my ass off. She must already love me-cause she isn't budging. I am planning some sweeping today. By the time she gets here, I won't have a dust ball in the house.

On the request of Johnny, I am crafting a story that he loves-sure to be an outstanding blog post-you will have to imagine me doing hubs voice imitation-it is quite quality. Yeah, wait for it-it's coming soon.

And finally, my husband just killed flies living in the blinds/house with our spatula-hmm-don't you want to come over for dinner???

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