Thursday, July 30, 2009

Coming Soon!

The Arsenal

I love stalking reading other people's blogs, as we all know, and for awhile I have been wanting to jump in with Misadventures of a Newlywed's Menu Mondays. Brown Eyed Girl also rocks my face off with her menu postings and ideas. I have been a weekly menu planner for almost all five years of my marriage. However, I am not going to delude myself that this will continue to happen with a newborn. Also, I don't necessarily plan on Mondays, I do it when the week of recipes is up, depending on how our week went. (i.e. going out to dinner, eating leftovers, not in the mood for __________). So, I may begin listing some weekly menus just to give some dinner ideas-the only drawback is, many of my menu items are from my arsenal (AKA my cookbook collection of recipes torn out from my 4 monthly subscriptions of cooking mags). So I may link one or two recipes, or I can give certain recipes on request.

Another thing I wanted to do was a "Featured Recipe" each week. There are so many recipes I return to over and over and hubs and I never get tired of them. There are two I am about to post right now! SO delish!

Also, my bestie Laura at Groovin' with the Grizas will be guest posting for me once the bambino is here-she will deliver the goods with lots of pictures!

And last but not least, be on the lookout for an INCREDIBLE makeover, coming soon from the fabulous Leslie Lambert, an awesome fellow teacher in Tuscaloosa, Alabama who will be redesigning the blog! We are still working out details, packages, and layouts, but she will begin her awesomeness soon!

Stay tuned for big things to come to The Edwards Edition!

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  1. When is your blog makeover happening? that is exciting!!
    also i want the weekly menus. you know i struggle with ideas for a WHOLE WEEK of cooking!


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