Friday, July 24, 2009

Last Free Weekend (?) Hopefully...

Tonight, hubs and I are going to Kani House for some sushi (him) and other gastronomical delights (me). Then we are renting a movie and vegging. Tomorrow, the Flash doggle has to go to the doctor-I want him to get on Xanax for his OCD licking of the paw and scratching of the ear, but I think he has an ear infection/something in the paw. We shall see-riveting, I know.

Saturday, our dear friends Johnny and LeaAnna are coming over to eat dinner with us-maybe I will go into labor! That's what happened to LeaAnna with her first-we were all eating together and that night she went into labor-fingers crossed-I will be 39 weeks. I tell ya, we live it up in the Edwards' household. To quote hubs favorite person (Kenny Powers), we are going to, "get up in it," this weekend.

Edge of your seats huh? I'm sure I will update you periodically. :D
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi!!

    I saw on your comments on Lamberts Lately that you were from Bham and wanted to say hi. I am from near Bham too and went to Samford University. Right now I am living in Miami, FL though. I am also a teacher isn't her classroom soooo cute.

    Drop by my blog sometime...

    Happy blogging!!!

  2. We love Kenny Powers! ask present to grow his hair out like that!


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