Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Big Reveal

OK, lots of good guesses on how many calories/how much fat was in the Buffalo Chicken Ranch sandwich! I only wish that they were right. Scary, I know. If you have seen the comments-yikes...

So, like I said, I got this sandwich with double broccoli-plain, steamed broccoli. The caloric intake, fat grams and fiber (for the sandwich only) were:

1150 calories
70 grams fat
A whopping 3 grams of fiber (I'm guessing from my whole wheat bun!)

If you ate the sandwich as they served it (with fries), it was:

1850 calories
86 grams fat
3 grams fiber

I'm sorry, but ignorance used to be bliss! Now, I will have to really check out all restaurant food in advance. This is practically criminal. I was talking to b.e.g. about how some people eat like this for 2 meals per day! And don't really know how bad it is. One of their salads had as much fat as the sandwich.I am soooo guilty of getting a salad to be "healthy" and it ends up being worse than say a burger with no cheese or something!

Anyway, it wasn't even worth the 28 flippin points! I mean, it was still good but it wasn't 28 points good!

Moving on, Melissa from one of my favorite blogs (For the Love) wagered a guess of 900 calories and 35 fat grams, coming in closest. So, Melissa, you win the prize! See, it was a giveaway in disguise!!! (Betcha wish ya woulda commented now! :D)

I have a penchant for office supplies so Melissa will be getting my favorite pack of pens (extra fine tip), a pack of mechanical pencils (cause IMHO mechanical pencils make everything better-new, fresh lead all the time!), a cute notepad, a cuter post it pad, and a set of page flags to match!

Email me your mailing address at southernsass30{at}gmail{dot}com by Monday so I can get your goodies out to you.

And everyone else, stay on your toes-you never know when a secret giveaway will transpire...............


  1. Holy moly - that's disgusting. I can't believe that! 70 grams of fat?!?!

    And a secret giveaway - awesome! Thanks.

  2. I can't believe the calories OR the fat grams! I never would have thought that much! And dang, I would have commented if I had thought I could win something!!

  3. I agree, sometimes ignorance is bliss!! ;) Especially when it comes to good food!

  4. Srsly, that upsets me! Let's tell Jamie Oliver and see what he says!

    And I totally just discovered fine point Sharpie pens the other month. Pink puffy heart love 'em!

  5. OMG! That is way more than i thought! That is outrageous! I love that you and b.e.g. are teaching me about calories. I never knew such things before

  6. Wow. Just.... wow. How can restaurants in good conscience make food like that? And yes, I am clearly aware that there are even worse monstrosities of calorie and fat gluttony out there!


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