Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life-Schedules

Well, Kelly is hosting Show Us Your Life, Schedules. I have never participated, but this one is easy, plus I like reading about other people's schedules. Those with kids and jobs are eerily similar. Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with "getting it all done." :D

Here is my schedule now that I am back to work and a mom.

5:40-wake up and hit snooze at least once.
5:50-actually wake up, let dogs out and feed them, pump boobs
6:00-shower, makeup, hair (wet pony-yeah), dress
6:50-make lunch, get coffee to go, grab breakfast, wash up any random dishes so I can come home to an empty sink, leave for work by 7:00
7:10-get to work and get ready for the day-make copies, get lessons ready, clean up room if it's messy
7:50-kids arrive and begin working-teach till 10:00
10:00-break-kids go to "specials"-I pump again
10:45-pick kids up and teach till 11:45
11:45-lunch-without kids (PTL)-try to get some work done
12:15-pick kids up
3:00-kids go home! I pump again and work on lessons/copies/etc (PS-a teacher's work is NEVER DONE!) I am always lesson planning, grading, answering emails/calls, etc. Ridic. Unless you want to stay till 7:00 pm on Friday night, you have to work throughout the week for the next week!
On Monday and Wednesday I leave right after work to go to the gym.
On Tuesday we have grade level meetings.
On Thursday I stay till 5:00 and make sure things are ready for the next week.
On Friday I look over everything and TRY to leave by 4:00 to go get Emmabear and snuggle!
Today I left at 5:00-epic fail.
I go get Emma and we jot home. Then begins the feeding of baby food, nightly bottle and bath time. This is all normally done before 7:15. Emma's bedtime is 7:00-7:30. Once I get her down,
then I start dinner. This is why I rely so heavily on crockpot meals. Cause momma can't start a decent, healthy dinner at 7:15. Number 1, I'm starving and Number 2, it takes too long! I am not eating at 8:00-it's just not healthy to eat that late.

After eating, I clean up the kitchen, do dishes, make coffee for the next day, make bottles, pump AGAIN, answer emails, blog, read google reader, grade papers (ha!), read my book or mags, and finally do my devotion. If I'm lucky I can pass out by 10:00-and I LOVE my sleep, so I really strive to do this. Hence the reason I don't blog as much anymore. Cause some things HAVE to get done before I can go to sleep. On Fridays or days off work, I can stay up a little later, but I know Emma will be up by 7:00, so I am trying to get in by 11 or 12 on the weekends.

So, what does your schedule look like?


  1. I'm worn out just by reading your day! :)


  2. Can I just tell you that I'm SOOO proud of you for pumping like a mad woman to give Emma Bear the good stuff. That's gotta be SOO annoying doing that a million times a day. I've been fortunate to only have to break out the boob, but I know the cleaning and general pain of a pump. Good for you for sticking with it. You are an amazing woman and mama---that schedule is draining!

  3. No wonder I don't talk to you as much anymore! You are a superbusy Mama!

    My day:
    4:50 am - up with the alarm
    5am - really up and out of bed, put on workout clothes, brush teeth, start coffee
    5:15 - wake up sleepy boo, grab iPod & keys, head to gym
    5:20 - run on the treadmill, lift weights
    6:10 - wash up right quick, pour self coffee, make lunches for us both
    6:25 - shower
    6:40 - hair, makeup, dress self
    7:10 - out the door and heading to either place of employment
    7:30 - if driving, curse horrible MD/DC drivers and put on Chopin in attempts to calm self
    8 - work until 3/4 o'clock
    4 - come home, take food out of freezer to defrost
    4:30 - bubs comes home, debrief with him
    5 - 6 (we often debrief for a long period of time) - start dinner and eat dinner together
    7 - bubs cleans kitchen, I do my dissertation work
    8:30 - in bed and asleep within the half hour if I'm lucky!

  4. You're welcome for the comment! I've enjoyed reading your blog and your daughter is adorable!

    I teach Pre-K! I'm originally from Nashville and have lived in Memphis almost 2 years now! We actually almost moved to ATL, but Memphis offered my DH a job first!

    Have a great week!


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