Saturday, March 20, 2010

Edwards Family Day of Fun!

Dude, today has been so much fun, and I am just now sitting and chilling! We were busy bees!

First up, the consignment sale I mentioned yesterday. We hit up the local elementary school and it was not disappointing. I got several items of business for close friends and family who are expecting. I can't post pics cause they're gonna be prizes!!! We got Emma a few (2) clothing items, and awesome 80's baby keyboard, and a Charlotte's Web DVD.

Next, we went to a new consignment shop down the street. It.was.rad. One of my colleagues recommended it because it had lots of smocked clothes and bubble suits. We got lots of things for Lou and for the friends and family again!

After that, I hit up the smocked children's boutique to use the giftcard from my swap with FTM. We got Miss Thang a smocked bathing suit for our beach trip this summer.

Notice a trend on the smocked attire yet? :D Yes, I love it!
We then went out to lunch at Subway and ran a few errands. After coming home, we decided to Shred together! Hilarious I tell ya-Emma was in her exersaucer watching us and she was jumping up and down in the thingy when we did jumping jacks. PS-I have not shredded since LAST Saturday. I am having problems with shredding after dinner-not cool to jump around after eating. It would be nice to shred if husband could get home to bathe Emma, but then I would be not getting dinner started early enough. Excuses, excuses.
Anyhow, after shreddage, we had the photo shoot you see below-I was like, "Work it, work it, own it, show me presh." And she did show me presh! Having a great camera really makes a world of difference. I am by no means a profesh photog, but these are great shots of her! And I have a picasa album with about 48 more shots-I wish I could put them all on here! Maybe I shall do a photo shoot post next......................
Our town just built a new park like one mile down the street from our subdivision, so we decided to go check it out today with the pups. So we loaded the whole fam in the Expedition and were off. It was ridic-like 5 full size soccer/football/lacrosse/whatnot synthetic fields, 4 walking trails, a pavilion, a solar powered playground, and a concession stand. Plus it's doggy friendly. We had a lot of fun. No pics though-I wish I would've actually brought the camera because the playground was insane-it was under this giant mushroom cap thingy and was shaded and apparently had solar powered fans or some such business. There were dogs everywhere and people just sporting it up. Very Venice Beach. :D
Emma had about a 2 second nap today, so she passed out early. We are both just lazing out now. I need to get motivated to make a menu and grocery list. We have church tomorrow and Emma has her first Easter egg hunt. My mom wanted to know if Emma was going to eat her eggs. I am thinking Emma will not actually be collecting any eggs mom, but if she does get some, we will save them for you. :D
So, what did you all do today? I hope it was something fun!

I am "feeding" myself. Sorta-kinda-just making a mess!

Yo! Admire my cuteness.

Big girl in the rocker

Eating the azalea-sitting in a dog bowl-and about to have a break down.
Hello, Anne Geddes.

This expression is priceless-she is like,
"Um excuse me, are you sure??"

Emma's new smocked suit

Her loot from the consignment sales/stores. The strawberry dress (top left) was 3$, the bubble next to it (reversible) was 9$, the pink smocked dress (bottom left) was 15$ NWT, the Ralph Lauren bubble in the middle was 6$, and the seersucker overalls were 6$. I sooooo want to show you all the loot for the other babies too, but it has to be a surprize!!!


  1. OMG Emmas swimmin suit is sooo cute!! Mom found Scarlet a 6 mo one but we need to find a 0-3 month for the beach trip! Me love sissy!

  2. You absolutely crack me up! Like, I'm sitting here by myself rolling over your stunning Anne Geddes photo shoot. You should totally publish a book of photos like that. Esp the way she's sitting in the dog bowl. You're hilarious!

    Love the precious outfits...esp. that bathing suit. Oh. My. Goodness. :) Too cute!

  3. Love the Anne Geddes picture! That girl is too cute. If I could afford to put Lucy in all smocked stuff I would. I love it too! That bathing suit is adorable.

  4. LOL! Too fun! And she definitely showed you precious! Anne Geddes, eat your heart out!

  5. LOL sitting in a dog bowl? Does Anne Geddes do things like that? I haven't seen much more than like, ladybug baby in a teacup or some random shot like that, so I have no idea! Emma is looking like a big girl these days, love it!

    You sound like you had an awesome Saturday - totes jelly! Hope you guys are having a great time at the Egg hunt!

  6. Oh great pics! I loved the picasa album. YOu can prob link those to your blog!
    That smocked swimsuit is precious! I also loved her other clothes! What size does she wear now?

  7. Friend... email me the names of some of these consignment shops!! and next time i will meet you at one of those sales :) i looooove them! big one in Auburn this weekend :)


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