Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Monday

This week I spent 102$ at Walmart. I was very disappointed, but that included a 7$ bottle of Eucerin lotion, so technically I only spent 95$ on food items.

This week's menu is VERY blah, but I wanted to challenge myself to stay under 100$. The 100$ was for 7 dinner meals and all breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

Monday-Weight Watchers honey mustard pork chops, pasta roni, green beans
Tuesday-chicken, roasted cauliflower, steamed cabbage
Wednesday- turkey burgers with broccoli and baked chips
Thursday-chicken, yellow rice, salad
Friday-spaghetti and green beans
Saturday-Easter dinner-I haven't purchased groceries for this yet-this is husband's deal. He can pay. :D I believe we are having a brisket, deviled eggs, WW mac and cheese, and grilled asparagus. I plan on sitting on my butt and playing with my monkey love Emma.
Sunday-lemon chicken pasta and broccoli
Monday-chicken, broccoli, box mac and cheese


  1. Waaaait a minute, you are planning on having all of those yummy dinners, breakfast AND snacks for only 100 bucks? I have got to start doing what you're doing. I am spending way too much at the store for what seems like nothing. Can you put up a recipe for the lemon chicken pasta?? :) Please :)

  2. WOW. I spend between 150 - 200 a week on BLD& Snacks for the two of us. I think next Menu Monday we need to put down our shopping lists, I am SO curious how you do this! I am impressed as all get out right now!

  3. I need to sit down & calculate up how much we're spending on food each week. It is a little harder since I travel, but I think you're buying for 3 & spending less than $100. That's great!

  4. $102 is still good. I went way over this week without a list. :(

    Oh...the charm necklace. I just Googled Plastic Charm Necklace from the 80s and it was the first one. But you can search Plastic Charm Necklace on eBay and buy them still!!!


  5. Wow I have to say that is great! I spend way to much for the two of us! I like the idea of planning out the menu for the week, but with just two, we tend to eat out more then we would like to admit!


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