Monday, March 22, 2010

The End of the Road

Caution: this post contains TMI-it is about boobs and milk making. (Stop reading Cas, Dad and any other men...)

OK: I think I may have come to the end of the road on the breastfeeding. You know I've been pumping exclusively since Emma's birth. The actual breastfeeding didn't work out so well. But she has been getting the breastmilk. Some of you may remember when I had an issue at about 8 weeks with making milk. Well, I got on Reglan. I was on it for awhile-like almost 5 months. You are not supposed to take it longer than 12 weeks. So, I got off it last Wednesday. My milk production has dropped to nil. It is so low I am only getting about 10 ounces per day. Emma eats 7 ounces PER BOTTLE. This is a problem. I have about 100 pounds (literally) of frozen milk. I send the frozen milk to her daycare, so she won't be off breastmilk immediately. But, I really wanted to do this till her first birthday, and I don't know if the frozen milk will last that long.

Does anyone know anything about being on the Reglan longer than you are supposed to? Any advice? I have tried fenugreek and thistleweed. I drink loads of water but it's probably still not enough. And stress is a constant factor in everyone's life, so that is just always there.

Have any of you gone through this?? Advice, tips, etc to share? I am going to keep pumping, but it is really discouraging when you get so little out!
And I'm pumping as I type this. Multi-task much? :D
Happy Wednesday, I'm off to go to WW in about 2 hours. Gotta empty all that milk-it weighs something! :D
And I just realized I left my gym bag at home-what to do? Go home and get it, or just not go? Hmmmmmmm........


  1. I tried fenugreek, but ended up stopping at about 8 months. I was not nearly as dilligent as you with the pumping, so I don't know. I can't believe that you pumped for this long. You need a medal! Oh- to answer your questions... Lucy has about 10 teeth and got her first at about 6 months. I hate teething!!

  2. Maybe ask sweet husband to allow you to get regular massages to help keep your stress levels in check and then you can make more boob milk? I have no idea!

    Go get that bag and get your tushy to the gym, missy! Go and kick your own ass!


  3. I've got nothing.

    Sat back & thought about this some more.

    Nope, nothing.

    So sorry!

  4. There has to be a hotline for a lactation specialist. Try contacting them (and keep pumping). Surely you are not the first person to have this problem! Hate to tell you sister, but you weaned yourself at 6 months - straight to a cup (you had an ear infection and wouldn't suck). Good luck, Emma has definitely benefited, and you have done great! But gosh, if you could do it a little longer, she might have a happier disposition...................
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love y'all!!

  5. So the fennelgreek didn't work? How much were you taking? I'm on that now (yes, my sweat, etc officially smells like fennel...SEXY)--only notice a slight difference, but I've only been taking 1 pill (I've heard you should take more) and am HORRIBLE about drinking my water, not to mention Braya isn't nursing as long since she's on whole milk now too. There's a Northside yahoo group for nursing moms that I belong to. You should join and ask that question on there. people are always getting good advice on there. I'd also call the lactation people. You've been doing SO great. More power to ya for sticking it out this long, especially since you're pumping non-stop. I'd say keep up the pumping...pump for a few minutes even after there's no longer any milk coming out so it tells your body that you need more. You're so close to a year. My supply took a drastic dip months ago too, but somehow we made it to this point. See what the lactation people say. Either way, you've done an excellent job and you have SO much to be proud of. I'm proud of ya hot mama!

  6. I wish I could help! I had an over production issue. Along with that came many bouts of clogged ducts and mastitis. Ugh. I hope you are able to find a solution!

  7. Try fennel seed as well. I had the same problem once I started back to work with stress levels decreasing production. I used fenugreek and fennel seed and it helped. Good luck. But in reality, the first few weeks are the most important for breastmilk for the baby. So if you have to give it up, be easy on yourself and don't get down. Also, even just 10 ounces a day is better than nothing! The good news is when you quit, you will have more free time. :)

  8. Like Linzy said, a little is better than nothing. Even if you have to supplement with formula it's okay! You did great!! My milk supply has also diminished. Also due to the fact that Lil Man prefers one side to the other...ugh. Uneven boobs and less milk flow. But give yourself a pat on the back for doing a great job for your little one!


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