Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Meet Laura Ingalls Wilder...

Hello, my name is Laura Ingalls Wilder. Do you like my dress? I got it at the Sharon Consignment Sale this weekend. I love the straweberry pattern! What do you all think?

Ignore the stain of the top right part of the collar. I puked up my squash.
Don't worry, mom will get the stain out.

I have to go now-time to milk the cows so I can make a bottle for dinner.


  1. I think Emma is much prettier than Laura Ingalls Wilder! But we do need to lose the paci for pictures. It covers up part of that beautiful face!!!

  2. Ciao Laura! I didn't know you'd traveled to Italy! Did Ma buy you that fabric from Nellie Olson's store?

    Ok, that's not even funny. I can't think of anything funny to say, but I am laughing at this post. Seriously though, you have read those books, right? They ROCK!!!!

    Btw, love the dress. And the squash, it's quite becoming. :)


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