Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Monday

OK, here is what is being eaten in the Edwards household this week!

Monday-Swiss chicken with broccoli
Tuesday-Chicken stroganoff with green beans
Wednesday-Turkey burgers with broccoli and baked Lays
Thursday-Lemon chicken pasta
Friday-Taco pasta toss
Saturday-Chicken strips with pasta and roasted veggies
Sunday-Turkey chili with baked tostitos

I have not tried the taco pasta toss yet, I will share once we eat that. It is from Rachael Ray. Everything else is an old standby and for this hellish week (report cards, conferences, state writing assessment-eek!) I need the easiest, most healthful meals I can make.

What are you all eating this week?
Hope you are having a great Monday!!!


  1. We made turkey burgers this weekend for the first time and they were quite yummy!

  2. Sorry you have such a crazy week going on! I hope it's not been too bad.

  3. I'm totally coming to your house for dinner. Your menu looks 1000 times better than my Healthy Choice selection. :) XOXO


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