Friday, March 5, 2010

Seven Months!

Dear Emeline,
On Thursday you were seven months old. For some reason, this month really hit home. You are getting big and I cannot believe that seven months ago you and I were first meeting. I adore you and praise God daily for giving me the gift that is you.

You don't go back to the doctor until you are nine months, so I have no new stats to share. You are getting over a nasty cold that has lasted the better part of a month, and you are just finishing your first prescription drug. It definitely helped.

You have zero teeth-and no signs of getting any. Please God, don't be the kid who doesn't get a tooth till 19 months-mommy may go insane feeding you mushed up food till then. :D You are still in a size 2 diaper, but could do a size 3. It's mommy's cheapness on finishing this pack before moving up (talk to daddy about cheapness when you are older!)

Your daddy broke you of the swaddle habit this month. One night, he just put you down without it, and you actually slept! But, your sleep is now fitful-you wake up because your paci falls out and you cry/snuffle a little bit until you either fall back asleep, or momma has mercy and comes and puts it back in. My friends tell me to let you deal with it, but momma can't stand to hear that angel cry.

You are thisclose to crawling. I don't really want you to crawl yet though-I'm selfish. That would mean you were growing up! You also roll over constantly and play with toys. You really play with the toys. Daddy and I went to Target last weekend and spent all my teacher appreciation giftcards on toys for you-we bought the toys we remember from childhood.

Emmabear, you are about to be blessed with lots of cousins and baby friends. I can't wait to see how you interact with them. You are such a sweet girl! When we went to a birthday party last weekend, you sat on the blanket playing with the toys and all of the boys were in your face trying to get some attench. You just sucked that paci and looked at them (keep it up girl!)

Lou, I can already tell that you are going to be an incredible woman. God has surely blessed daddy and I with you. Thank you for being you!

We love you!!!

Here I come!


  1. Oh, she has the most perfect little face, doesn't she?

  2. Can't believe it's been that long. Time sure is flying, huh? :-) She's just beautiful and looks like her mama, IMO. Love to you ladies!

  3. aww so sweet! Love the pictures holding/eating the sign!!

  4. Awww, she is so cute! I love the pictures, Sus!!

  5. I cannot quit looking at your 7 month birthday pictures Emma! I ♥ you big time and miss you!
    Love you little bit!

  6. Oh my gosh those cheeks!! What a sweet little cutie.

  7. I am serious when I say, your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I am not just being nice!! She is breathtaking!!
    How about a bloggy meet up lunch soon :) Let's email and work it out! I would love for Addison to meet Emma :)

  8. What a muffin! And I love, love, love her bedding. She is so precious!

  9. Emma, your Nonnie really needs to see you! I love you!

  10. Awwww, what a cutie! Love her bedding!


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