Monday, March 15, 2010

Easter Love

Choose your favorite! :D

I posted these in reverse order, so this is the one where she is over it.

Love this one!

So not paying attench.

This is what we did this weekend! :D We are going to an Easter egg hunt this weekend.


  1. What a sweet girl and dress! Love it!

  2. Too cute!! Wish I would've remembered you were there. This weekend was the only lazy weekend we've had around here in a while since I wasn't going to pack anymore until I knew for sure our buyer had his lending together. ANYWHO...I could've met you down there to do a gift card swap. Am I going to have to do a DCE drive-by to get you the card before I temp. move to Alpharetta for 3 months?

  3. Awww.. you can't get much cuter than that!!


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